The Ballarò Market is cosmopolitan and coloured and is one of the most fascinating places of Palermo: here different languages, scents and sounds live together, creating an outstanding human melting pot.

Ballarò is a place where the past and the future are melted in a mix of energy and life. It is kaleidoscope of lights, sounds and colours, among stands displaying fresh fish and vegetables, where the traditional shouting of the local sellers (called abbanniate) are mixed with the languages of the new people, who come from Africa and India in the recent years and made this place an extraordinary puzzle.
Ballarò is the perfect place to immerse oneself in the real flavours of the local street food and to fall into the temptation of unique dishes such as the sfincione, the bread with spleen (Pane ca’ meusa), Panelle and Crocché and all the traditional recipes of the Sicilian cuisine, for which the old town of Palermo is the heaven for street food lovers and those who have a passion for the Mediterranean traditional flavours.