Art and Beauty are the key actors in Palazzo Brunaccini.

In the halls of our boutique hotel  everything is combined to provide the guests with a unique experience of elegance and splendour, from the precious furniture to the prestigious paintings and fabrics on the walls.

The precious furniture of the best Sicilian tradition beautify the rooms and the halls, the paintings and the contemporary designer items create a unique setting, here in Palazzo Brunaccini.

The amazing paintings and fabrics of the Sicilian artist Eugenio Vazzano embellish the walls. His works emerge from the knowledge of the ancient Sicilian craftsmanship and the innovation with international appeal, the value of precious fabrics and the originality of contemporary style.

Vazzano dressed the Hotel with precious fabrics, cushions, wall hangings, curtains and carpets.

Etna Black, black widow’s mourning, lime green, white salt, tuff stone beige, red “abstract” of tomato, blue Megara Iblea: “the pieces” sewn together tell us of Sicily’s elegance, nobility, but also depict simplicity and  happiness. They tell a story about a country, a state of mind, history and balance between reality and the surreal.

Eugenio’s wall hangings are carefully planned and executed through the idea of recreating and restoring: even the smallest remnant of fabric becomes essential for a new mosaic.

All fabrics are dyed, creased, decorated by the creator and his skilful staff in the Melilli laboratory, built inside an old eighteenth-century factory of Sicilian Caponata.

Within the Hotel, it is possible to purchase fine antiques, contemporary porcelains and the prestigious paintings and fabrics of Eugenio Vazzano.

“Celebrating the past to reinvent the future with optimism.”

Palermo is among the European cities where the Art Nouveau achieved its best results, thanks to the work of Ernesto Basile and other architects, who forged the old town charming buildings.

This style was born between the 19th and the 20th century and takes inspiration from floral shapes and lines, with a strong impression of grace and linearity, aiming at enhancing naturalism, shapes inspired by nature, plants and flowers, and the natural lights of the settings, through the use of wide and bright glass walls.

Art Nouveau is based on the idea of style coherence between shape and function, opting for iron and glass as materials, because they mix charm and functionality.

Thanks to its wooden beam ceilings and the wide bright glass walls, Palazzo Brunaccini is the ideal place to discover the grace of the Sicilian Art Nouveau, which is admired and studied all around the world.