Dear Guest ,

 concerning your reservation at the Hotel Palazzo Brunaccini, we are glad to give you some useful information on how to reach us, please pay more attention in case you use the car to arrive at the Hotel.


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If you are traveling with your own car, we recommend, if you use a GPS system, to enter "Piazza Giulio Cesare - Central Station Palermo" as your final destination. Then take Via Roma and after about 450m, turn left onto Via Livorno, then turn left immediately and take the first right onto Via Calderai. Follow it to the end then cross the Via Maqueda and take the road in front Via del Ponticello. Go straight on until you pass the Chiesa del Gesù on the left then turn to the 1st street on the left after the church and you have arrived at your destination.

We inform you that in Palermo is in force the limited traffic area 'ZTL Centrale', which is located in the perimeter that goes from Porta Nuova to Porta Felice, from Piazza Giulio Cesare to Via Cavour. Free entry for electric cars and scooters, 50% discount for hybrid and methane vehicles. Passes will be free for the disabled.

To access to the restricted traffic area and so in order to reach Palazzo Brunaccini by car you can take advantage of the “Lista Bianca – first access free” valid only for the first access to the hotel. This means that the first entry will be free. In this regard, it would be desirable to receive the plate of your car in advance as well as the driver's name and surname. As an alternative we could arrange it directly at the hotel upon your arrival. Free registration will be possible only for those who actually stay in the hotel.


For the following days, however, it will be necessary to obtain a daily pass at a cost of 5 euros which can be purchased in authorized tobacconists even after crossing the limited traffic threshold. Or you can request activation via the web sie of Municipality of Palermo at the Reception, in this case, however, it will be necessary to leave us the data of your credit card in order to make the related payment on the portal of the Municipality of Palermo.


The pass must be activated within 20.00.

Time Zones and Daily ZTL Table:

From Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm 
Friday from 8am to 8pm and from 11.00 pm to 06.00 am of next morning (free move between 8pm to 11.00 pm)
Saturday from 0.00 am to  6.00 am and from 11.00 pm to 06.00 am of next morning (free move between 6 am  to 11.00 pm)
Sunday from 0.00 am to 6.00 am

From April 17 2020
From Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm 
Friday from 8am to midnight
Saturday from 8pm to 6am (of the next morning) 
Sunday from 00.00 to  6.00am


Another method to reach the hotel is by taxi (you can contact our Reception h24 to book it in advance) or by renting a Car Sharing car ( that does not require a ZTL pass.