“Da Carlo a Palazzo Brunaccini” Restaurant and Bar is a kitchen-laboratory characterized by three main principals: seasonality, territory and freshness.
Directly from the fishmongers of Ballarò takes its' origins one of the most famous dishes of the chef Carlo Napoli: the Cubo di Spada with Cipuddata in Agrodolce (cubes of swordfish with sweet and sour onion marmalade) served with caper and almond pesto, is one of the most representative dishes of the Sicilian culinary tradition.

The dish is prepared using a mix of traditional culinary techniques, the swordfish, which is a symbol of Sicilian fishing history, is grilled, whereas the onion is prepared in an ancient Arabic way, in respect to the Arab culture who dominated Sicily for centuries, finally capers from Pantelleria and almonds from Avola are mixed together to create a pesto with a strong personality.

This dish perfectly represents the concept and ethos of Brunaccini Restaurant and Bar. Palazzo Brunaccini has retained the unique and particular baroque interiors of Palermo, however, the Brunaccini Restaurant has maintained a clean, essential and minimal character that recalls the school of the famous chef Gualtiero Marchesi, mentor of Brunaccini's head-chef Francesco Scarpulla.